PXSH Presents is company curated content including original music, videos, and events with an aim to bring our community together. 


Live acoustic session with unreleased music from artists, curated as exclusive content for the fans. 


Set The Tone is an R&B Cypher ​series that was created to not only contribute to the R&B scene, but to provide networking and content opportunities for artists we come in contact with.



TREND is a compiled mixture of everything we do, allowing people to keep up with everything recent and upcoming that involves PXSH so nobody misses a new release.

Contributing to the Hip-Hop culture, The Kickback series is a collection of rap cyphers from talented lyricists from all over the world. 


Sometimes you don't need a beat, just the words. #PXSHRAW is bringing you transparent acapella lyrics, performed by artists all over the world.


When using PXSH in a text, proper formatting should show "PXSH" in upper case characters. The PXSH logo is available for use via print and screen. Do not use the logo in any way that indicates partnership, endorsements, sponsorship, or approval of your services and products. If you have a partnership, endorsement, sponsorship or affiliate contractual agreement with PXSH Media, the "Trademark" section of your contract terms govern your use of our marks. If you wish to use our mark that implies we sponsor, endorse, or approve of your services and products, you will need to seek permission in written permission from us by emailing business@pxsh.com


PXSH is a subsidiary of the multi-conglomerate PXSH Media, LLC. PXSH is a media platform providing quality entertainment, music, interviews, public affairs and content to a multi ethnic audience.

PXSH connects with its audience with an intention to build relationships, and be a reliable platform in entertainment. Birthed from a music blog, PXSH has been cultivated as an expansion to touch various distinct publics. With strategic content strategies and the expanding use of social media, PXSH is designed to generate streams of in house content, while providing relevant conversations on the content of other creators.

PXSH's international network stretches to the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

For creators, by creators.